Menu Intelligence 

Maximize Menu Value from Every Food Dollar Spent

Using advanced decision-making models, MenuAmbition enables institutional foodservice professionals to plan better menus that cost 10% – 30% less.


The Intelligent Menu Planning software for improving menu performance through every food decision you make


Generate Optimized Cycle Menus in Minutes

Today’s menu planning software merely analyze menus you manually enter. MenuAmbition rapidly forms entirely new cycle menus that achieve all the planner’s menu goals at the lowest possible cost.

Layout Mockup
Layout mockup

Decision Certainty

Take Menu Decisions to the Next Level

Menu planners are stuck making menu decisions in old-fashioned ways – intuition, rules-of-thumb, legacy menus, and trial-and-error. MenuAmbition models menu decisions scientifically, calculating thousands of food combinations to assemble the best cycle menus possible.

What-if Scenarios

Test Menu Improvement Ideas in Real-time

Exploring new food choices can be a paralyzing pain point. MenuAmbition solves the problem of working out new menu options, using what-if analysis tools and visual dashboards to compare multiple menu possibilities.

Layout Mockup
Layout mockup

Continual Menu Improvement

Rise Above Just Buying Foods Cheaper

Food prices and supplies don’t stand still. With MenuAmbition, new product choices and price changes are opportunities to improve costs, menu appeal, and nutrition simultaneously – because MenuAmbition always uses food costs and nutrients most efficiently. 


Standards for Institutional Foodservice Operators are Rising

MenuAmbition helps foodservice operators in various types of institutions meet increasingly complex standards.

Long-term Healthcare

60% of senior-feeding operators report “significantly increased pressure” to raise resident experiences via food and nutrition, while reducing operating costs.

Correctional Institutions

Corrections spends almost 6x more on healthcare than on food, even though better diets improve health outcomes and reduce long-term healthcare costs.

K-12 Education

Updated nutrition standards have added $1.14 billion to the annual cost of school foodservice.

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